Pre-Fair requirements for 4-H and FFA Members

In addition to being enrolled in the project by March 1, 2019, 4-H and FFA members participating in the Livestock Shows must meet the additional requirements. Scroll down for the complete listings:

Livestock Show Eligibility Requirements (including market, breeding, and dairy projects)
See the 4-H Calendar for details of dates, locations, and times.
See the Pueblo County Fair Rules for details.
All Market animals must be weighed-in and/or tagged-in at the appropriate time.
All members must successfully pass a written test.
All members must successfully complete the appropriate MQA or PQA course
Livestock Members who plan to participate in the Showcase Sale must attend the Mandatory May meeting.
*March 1 – Project Add/Drop & Enrollment Deadline
*March 8 – Beef tag-in (market)
*March 28 – Hands on MQA (market, breeding, dairy)
*April 1 – Rabbits Ownership Date (Does) (market)
*April 11 – Classroom make-up MQA (market, breeding, dairy)
*May 1 – Last day to complete MQA requirements
*May 2 – Sheep and Goat tag-in, Swine Nomination forms due (market) NEW DATE. 5:00 TO 8:00 P.M.
*May 9 – Mandatory Showcase Sale meeting (market) and Livestock Test (market, breeding, dairy)
         Click here for Study Guides: Livestock Test Study Guides
         2019 Test Scores will be posted here when they are graded.
*May 14 through 28 – Poultry Ownership Date (market)
*June 1 – County Fair Entry Deadline (market animals enter at tag-in, all others much submit entry forms)
*June 11 – Second/make-up Livestock Test (market, breeding, dairy) [see links for Study Guides. Test scores will be posted when they are graded.]
*June 28 – Initial Weigh-in Rabbit (market)
Click here for a Detailed Pre-Fair Info Sheet with specific information about all of the livestock requirements.