How the Pueblo County Showcase Sale Works

Premium Sale: The Showcase Sale is an auction of the youth’s market animal project endeavor, and not a purchase of the animal itself. The winning bid “premium” goes to the member for their dedication to and hard work with the animal during the year.

When the Youth and the Sale Runner come to you to sign your invoice, they’ll ask you if you also want to purchase the meat for processing.  If you say NO, mark “Advertising Only.”  If you want the meat, mark “I desire to purchase the animal for processing.”

The Buyer has the option to purchase the meat.

At an additional cost, the winning bidder can opt to purchase the meat and pay for processing. Payment for the meat will be based on the live weight of the animal and must be paid the night of the auction. This price will be listed on the invoice the youth brings to you to sign. This money is NOT deducted from the bid won during the “premium” sale (see above)

The Showcase Sale contracts with a specific plant to process animals from the sale. The Buyer is responsible for contacting the Showcase Sale packer to arrange for processing, delivery, and payment of processing costs.

So, if the Buyer wants to get the meat from the animal, three payments are made:

1.       The amount of the Premium Bid
The amount of the meat (weight x floor price)
The custom processing fees paid to the slaughterhouse that processes the animal (prices will be listed in the Show Program.

Example: You purchase a hog for $1,000. It weighs 300 pounds, and the floor price is 50¢ pound, the price will be an additional $150.00 for a total of $1,150.00 payable to the Showcase Sale.

The Example processing for Hogs is:
$40.00 slaughter;
Processing - 90¢/lb.; OR Cryovac - 95¢/lb.;
Curing - $1.50/lb.

So the processing charge for the hog would be
                $40 – slaughter
                $285 for cryovac  (300 lb. x 95¢)
                $450 for curing (300 lb. x $1.50)
                $775 Total Processing to the processing plant

Total cost would be $1,925.

 Youth selling animals will receive two checks from the Showcase Sale - one for the 4-H/FFA premium and the other for the floor price of the meat.

 Ways to Bid 

1. Attend the sale, register as a bidder, obtain a bidder number, and have fun doing your own bidding.
2. Sign an Intent to Purchase form (available from CSU Extension/Pueblo County or designated 4-H/FFA members) indicating how much you would like to contribute toward the purchase of a 4-H/FFA project endeavor.  Your contribution will be added to the pool bid.
3. Combine your bid with one or more registered bidders on 4-H/FFA project endeavors.
NOTE: Additional money cannot be added to the bid to raise the bid after the auctioneer yells “Sold.”