The new FairEntry system is ready!

(Please read this entire page before you get started)


FairEntry is for 4-H and FFA Members only. People interested in entering our Open Class competition will find entry information on our Community Open Class page in mid-June.

We are excited for this new way to enter the Pueblo County Fair. There is no need to wait for hard-copy forms, no worries that they may get misplaced, and you can enter any time, day or night.

The system is fairly intuitive and quite easy to use. You will need to know the projects that you are enrolled in, and a few things about your animals (detailed below).

We encourage you to enter as soon as you can so that we have the opportunity to fix any problems if they arise.

If you need help or want to wait, we are planning a help session on Tuesday, April 24, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and we’ll have laptops available, or you can bring your own to use. Depending on the response, we may have other sessions planned. If you need in-person assistance outside of our planned help sessions, you must set an appointment (call 719-583-6566 and ask for Marnie).

Leaders cannot enter for their club members, but we will be providing periodic updates to club Organizational leaders.

Members will need to review the rules before they complete their county fair entries. You can find the rules on the Pueblo County Fair website at https://www.pueblocountyfair.com/rules/.

Dog Contest rules can be found on the Colorado State 4-H Website at: http://www.colorado4h.org/events_opportunities/state_fair/packet/DogTrialContests.pdf

To enter the Pueblo County fair, visit: https://pueblocounty.fairentry.com/Fair/SignIn/2064

You will sign in with the same email and password that you use to log in to your

4-H Family account information. 

HELP SHEETS: This is a very basic, short,  help sheet to get you started. However, there is a much larger document that includes information on every type of entry. 

You can find specific help sheets here:
Start/Exhibit Entry (general and/consumer science displays/projects)
Shooting Sports Contest
Rabbit (market and breeding)
Breeding Beef
Dairy Goat
Breeding Goat
Fashion Revue
Submitting Entries and confirmation emails

The entry deadline is June 1, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.

 A few general things to note:

Please note there are NO FEES associated with entering the Pueblo County Fair. The “payment” screen is generic for all of the Fairs, both county and state, that use FairEntry. Please click through all of those screens to complete you entry. Horse project members will be able to select the number of stalls they need, and will remit payment via check to the Pueblo County Horse Council.

Livestock Projects
Market Beef, Sheep, Goat, Swine Animals

Market Beef, Market Sheep, Market Goat and Market Swine projects will not  be using FairEntry. Your entry is your Spring weigh-in/Tag in.

Market Rabbit and Market Poultry Animals
Please read the Livestock rules before you enter any classes.
If you are in the Market Rabbit, Market Poultry, Market Turkey projects, you will be using Fair Entry. There are more fields required by the Pueblo County Fair than the FairEntry system.
Rabbit – you will need, tag, tattoo, breed, sex, birthdate.
Poultry – name, birthday, colors/markings, breed

Breeding and Dairy Projects, including breeding rabbit, breeding poultry, ducks, and geese.
Please read the Exhibit rules before you enter any classes.  You will need to look at the appropriate section of the Livestock Rules to determine the classes for your animals.  There are more fields required by the Pueblo County Fair than the FairEntry system. At a minimum you will need a tag number, name, breed, and date of birth.

A note about tag numbers for animals:  The fair entry system requires a TAG number for each entry. If your animal does not typically have a “tag” number (rabbits, for instance) you can put a number in that will help you remember which animal is which.

Horse Project
Please read the Horse rules before you enter any classes. If you are in the Horse Project, your Horse ID must be uploaded to 4Honline before you enter classes in FairEntry. You will need to “import” your animals into FairEntry before you can assign them to a class.

Dog Project
Please read the Dog rules before you enter any classes. If you are in the Dog Project, your Dog ID must be uploaded into 4Honline before you can enter classes in FairEntry. You will need to “import” your animals into FairEntry before you can assign them to a class.

4-H Project Exhibits
Please read the Exhibit rules before you enter any classes. You will need to know which Unit you are enrolled in (for instance, Leatherwork Unit 10) so that you can select the correct class for that unit.  The Name of the Unit will correspond with the names on the Classes.  For instance, “Leathercraft Unit 10 (Sewing Leather)” will have classes called “Sewing Leather Jr, Sewing Leather Int, Sewing Leather Sr”  Be sure to select the correct class.

You will need to provide a description of your project. Please give as much detail as you can.

If you enter a class in a project that you are not enrolled in, your entry will be REJECTED. Marnie will send you an email with specific instructions about which project should be entered.

If you are asked for “quantity” please select “one”  -- while you might be able to enter more than one class, you cannot enter more than one project per class.

Shooting Sports Contest
Please read the Shooting Sports Contest rules before you enter any classes. You will be able to enter the Shooting Sports contest in FairEntry. You will only be able to enter contests in the disciplines for which you are enrolled.  Remember that you will need to have your hunter safety card uploaded before the contest.

Fashion Revue
Please read the Fashion Revue rules before you enter the contest. Youth can enter classes with their projects, or in the Modeling for Fun classes.

Cloverbuds are their own Division and will need to enter through FairEntry. They will need to provide a general description of their project. (“Board describing why cats are great pets,” “cupcakes,” “wooden bench,” etc.)